kikiwong + Kearen Pang – Dialogue between Miss Bitter and Miss Sweet

kikiwong + Kearen Pang 海人經理 + 彭秀慧 The dialogue between Miss Bitter and Miss Sweet Date & time: 6 Sept 2015, 3pm Venue: HighFive 28 seats only. First come first serve. Registration fee $120 Includes a set of theme post card and special tea set. 只限28位,先到先得。 登記費用為120港元,費用包括主題名信片一套及特備下午茶套餐。 For registration, please transfer payment to HSBC 015-836539-838... Continue Reading →


The silent before hunting

Looking, searching, betting and trying A smile or another quiet moment an invisible harvest only the fisherman knows Photo by kikiwong

Opening Gift

as a little thank you gift for everyone attend the opening \(^ D ^)/ looking forward to meet you all~ *** Illustration exhibition畫展 Melting of Hearts - A new page of Bitter and Sweet ***OPENING PARTY 開幕式*** 8/8/2015 3:30-5:30pm Pop-up store海人小賣部: - Siki & buddies X MMC direct trade coffee 海人 X MMC 直接貿易咖啡 -... Continue Reading →


昨天好不容易有時間有人部我玩遊戲機,感覺真的好幸福,可這都讓我想到小時候關於玩遊戲機的事。 小學時我常到住落一層樓的安仔家玩紅白機,安仔和他哥哥都是天才,讀書成績好玩遊戲機又很在行,人也很慷概,我們總會在週末一起玩遊戲。魂斗羅、沙羅曼蛇、熱血高校、雙截龍等⋯⋯都在我們的指尖上一一被擊破。 到後來上中學,大家上了不同的學校,安仔也開始要出入醫院治理腦裡的腫瘤,我便沒再去玩遊戲機,也少了聯絡。最後一次和安仔聊天,是跟他一起去團契,他很想很想我認識他的信仰,我勉強去了又渾身不自在地提早走了。那時他已因長期吃肥仔丸,從一條藤條變成一個肥嘟嘟的肥仔,還是總帶笑臉的他說因為要做多次手術所以要長期吃肥仔丸⋯⋯ 然後有一天,我聽到叮鈴的聲音從他家傳上來,我才知道他真的離開了。那時我真的不懂得發生什麼事,沒有哭,沒有傷心,也沒有任何想法,就是站在廚房望了他家好一會,便回到自己的世界。 之後紅白機的年代過去了,在新型遊戲的世界裡,我獨自玩過了所有熱爆的遊戲,到最後厭倦了。現在我還是覺得紅白機的遊戲最好玩,我知道,因為那是個不寂寞的年代。

Sunday encounter

This morning, there was a Philippine young lady sitting at my opposite side in the tram. When our eyes contacted, I couldn't help saying: "Morning~!" With a happy tone. "why?" The young lady was calm with a little smile. "It's Sunday and it's a shinny day~!" I replied with open palms toward the sunlight. Then... Continue Reading →


as a full stop for the peaceful holiday, dedicated to the most beautiful woman on the earth - Nefertiti.

Giant and ant

As I opened my eyes, I've been living on a giant. The giant breathed, moved, scratched and rest. I crouched, ran, escaped and be alerted. Panic, panic, panic, why my world is like this? As I opened my eyes, I've seen an ant walking on my skin. This ant walked, launched, searched and tensed. I... Continue Reading →

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